Bold. Innovative. Visionary.

Luis Rivera is on a mission to unify the country, bring America Forward and provide modern solutions to modern problems.

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About Luis

About Luis

Luis Rivera is a Newport News resident who’s passionate about making our communities safer, and more prosperous than ever. Raised in Newport News, Luis has a unique deep understanding of the complexities of living in this region — a region that spans many miles, and dozens of diverse neighborhoods. He understands that the only way we can move society forward is by unifying the country and creating real systemic change in Washington.

Luis Rivera Graduated from Christopher Newport University earning a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Associate of Business Administration. He has created and sold multiple E-commerce businesses, started a Mobile Game Development & Publishing Business, and an Organization dedicated to helping everyday Americans run for office. Luis knows what it’s like to start from nothing and slowly build his American Dream. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Luis recognizes the problems in our educational, economic, and justice system that prevents thousands of people from our district from fulfilling that dream.

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We are a movement of people standing up to corruption, inequality and suppression of the people. Congress is spending too much time on enriching themselves instead of serving its constituents – it’s time to change that! Please contribute whatever you can and help us change Congress!

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He WIll Work For The People

Luis Rivera hopes to put forth a voice for the working people and small business owners of his district. His goal is to bring and end to the corruption and special interest in our government and to bring a chance for prosperity that all families can reach.

my Vision

What I Will Fight For

Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is not a privilege; It's a human right. Therefore, we must achieve affordable and efficient Universal Health Coverage.

Term Limits

In one poll, 82% of voters agreed with the statement “Members of Congress stay in office too long.” It's time we do something about it.

Racial Justice

Instead of investing in mass incarceration, we need to invest in the most vulnerable members of our society.

Our Troops

I stand behind our troops 100%. What I don't stand behind is the decisions made by politicians that put our troops in harm's way. It's time we took care of our soldiers, in and outside of service.

Protecting the Shipyard

The Shipyard is economically beneficial for our district, and their essential work provides Safety and Freedom for Our Great Country. I will fight to protect the shipyard and its employees.

Education System

Our schools should never be on the chopping block, even when budgets are tight. Now is the time to strengthen our education system and make it more affordable to all, so that students are prepared for jobs in a post-COVID economy.


focus, Honest & Successful

Luis Rivera is willing to put his businesses and economic opportunities aside to fight for whats right. He promises to be laser focused on the issues and not get involved with the political games and division that congress plays every year.

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What People Say About Luis

Luis isn’t looking for the endorsement of other politicians or powerful elites. Luis is proud to have the endorsement of everyday Americans who are the backbone of this country.

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